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■ We use printing services primarily in the United States through two large companies

  • Company Name: Gearment LLC
  • Company Phone Number: (657) 215-1338
  • Contact information: [email protected]
  • Company’s address and website: 5445 Oceanus Dr STE, 114-115 Huntington Beach, CA 92649 United
  • Company Name: MyLocker, LLC ( –
  • Company Phone Number: 1-844-874 8623 or 1-877 898 3366
  • Contact Person’s name and Contact information:
    Michael Blotkamp (Director) [email protected]
    Alex Philips (Director) [email protected]
  • Company’s address and website:
    1300 Rosa Parks Blvd Detroit, MI 48216 and

Antoneanderson store is a unique and growing fashion brand, making hot new trends affordable for everyone. All our clothing are lovingly designed and made in our factory, using our in-house designs coupled with great fabrics from around the world. We amplify pride and create connections for all fans.

What do we offer:

  1. We are selling designs for family, hobbies, sport and almost everything.
  2. We ship our t-shirts, hoodies, tank top, mugs, hats, phone case and other products all over the world. From the USA all the way to the CA, UK, Australia and beyond.
  3. Our Philosophy: we believe, Less is More. We aim to design and deliver beautiful, high-quality apparel to you at an affordable price point.
  4. We love to share our art works and passions to everyone


At Antoneanderson, we use state-of-the-art technology to completely products. Our technology handles the process, so we are one of the best printed clothing company.


Antoneanderson will never send a low-quality items to customers. Antoneanderson carefully select designs and make it unique. We create, fulfill and care every purchase to make our customers happy.

Email: [email protected]
Phone: +19199623276
Mon – Sat: 9AM-5PM EST
700 Craighead St Ste 300 Nashville, Tennessee, 37204, United States